Grey Goose Quilt

grey goose stacked III

What a fun quilt this one was to sew.  Before I knew it, I was doing the binding.  For this quilt, I wanted a modern, clean geometric kind of look.  So I made Half Square Triangles and did a Flying Geese kind of pattern on the front.  I skipped some triangles, to create some additional negative space.


Because the front was so modern and graphic, I wanted a bit of whimsy and a splash of color for the back.  I looked at several fun fabrics for the back and in the end I chose this fun fabric by Anne Kelle for Robert Kaufman.  It’s actually a 108″ wide which made the backing a snap.

grey goose full back

The front was made up of Robert Kaufman Kona Solids:  medium grey, steel, and white.  I added a couple of Robert Kaufman Spot On fabrics for a little variation.

grey goose stacked

grey goose rolled

The binding was such fun. I almost went with a traditional black and white stripe, but I pulled this black and white dot fabric from my stash and it just added so much zing, I had to go with it.  I can’t remember where I got this fabric and it had no useful identification on the selvage.  Maybe even Hobby Lobby?

grey goose binding front and back

binding, back and front

The binding went as smoothly as can be because I secured it with my Wonder Clips every few inches.  I sewed it on the front, wrapped it around the back and stitched in the ditch on the front.  If you want to learn how to do this kind of binding, I’ve done a machine binding tutorial here.  I believe that machine sewn bindings are more durable.

grey goose binding closeup

grey goose two binding

grey goose front, back, front

The front was stitched 1¼ inch apart, using my seam guide attachment.  I debated about adding horizontal stitching after all the vertical stitching was done, but decided in the end that less is more.

grey goose back and front

I used Warm and White cotton batting, because I wanted the white fabric to remain as white as can be.  Warm and Natural would be too dark, I felt, behind the white fabric.

Finished size on this quilt is 50″ x 59″.

I can’t wait to get this quilt to its new owners!

Go make something!

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grey goose binding with back


29 thoughts on “Grey Goose Quilt

  1. Karen Kjartansdottir

    This is so beautiful and love the greys and white together, not to mention the back. I am now trying to do á similar quilt 🙂


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  3. Susie Smart

    I noticed you don’t have a pattern for this quilt, but can you tell me how big the half square triangles are? Thanks.


    1. Terri

      I, too, would love to know what size the HST are, and being a bit of a novice, if you made two HST’s from two squares place together, what size were the squares? Just need things spelled out for me since I am not an experienced quilter, (yet). Thanks!


      1. Sarah Smith

        Hi Susie and Terri,
        I noticed Elaine told us her quilting was 1 1/4 inches apart – so looking at the photo, it appears there are 4 quilting lines on each HST – making each HST 5 inches. Hope that helps!


      2. Beech Tree Lane Handmade Post author

        I did not keep track of how much fabric I used – sorry! However, I can tell you some of my scribbled notes that I wrote from my notebook when I made it: the HSTs were 5.5″ (5″ when sewn in). There were 120 blocks total (Including plain white squares for the negative space): 10 blocks x 12 blocks for a 50″x59″ quilt. Hope this helps!


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  5. dezertsuz

    You would not believe how long it took to track this quilt back to its source after I saw it on Pinterest! But I found it! I just wanted to make sure it was okay if I used it for inspiration for my Splash of Color quilt on Busy Hands Quilts QAL. In the end, it won’t look anything like this probably. I’m using 5 x 10 finished Flying Geese blocks and black and white with a splash of color – might be some grays in it, too. But I wanted to be sure it isn’t a pattern you sell before I springboard off of it – or else buy it if it is. Thanks!


  6. Cindy

    I knew there was a way to do the flying geese with HSTs! This is complete inspiration for my next quilt. I will be doing it with HSTs instead of a flying geese block (which seems harder than it needs to be). THANK YOU!


  7. Ali Buck

    Hello! Beautiful quilt. I’m attempting something similar. Was wondering if you added a narrow (say 1”) border before applying the binding to keep the flying geese from having the triangle point covered. Thanks!



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