Modern Plus Quilt

Plus Quilt full front

I finally got photos of my latest quilt and can share it with you. This quilt was so much fun to work on and it’s one of my favorite color schemes – greys and mustards.  I felt like calling it “Grey Poupon”!

Plus quilt stack

Buttonball fabric.jpg

I love Plus quilts and I think they’re especially good for fabrics that you want to showcase, because you don’t have to cut the fabrics into tiny pieces.  This quilt was sort of built off Katarina Roccella’s Buttonball fabric which I fell in love with. I picked out the coordinating fabrics to complement her fabric.  I wanted to limit the number of different fabrics in the quilt and not have a dozen different things going on so I picked 6 prints plus a solid – Hawthorne Threads Elemental in Charcoal,  Dear Stella Dash in Mustard, Robert Kaufman Baskeweave in Charcoal, Alison Glass Sunprint Ink, and the ever awesome Zen Chic Background Notes.   The background solid is Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton in Steel.

I wanted an overall modern, urban kind of look for this quilt so for the background fabric, I chose another Katarina Roccella fabric, Maze in Alley.  It gave me the look I wanted and it’s a terrific background fabric because it’s not directional and is easily pieced.

Plus Quilt back

Plus Quilt Hanging

Pllus Quilt back and front

In keeping with a modern look, I quilted this in straight vertical lines in differing widths. That was fun!  I used my seam guide and attached it to my walking foot.  After I quilted the entire thing in one direction, I turned the quilt and just did a very few lines the other direction.

Plus quilt front back front

Plus Quilt overhead

When it came time to bind the quilt, I tried a variety of the usual stripey fabrics and didn’t like any of them.  As I was standing there pondering why it was so hard to pick out a binding fabric, I glimpsed the Buttonball fabric again and thought, “gee that might make a great binding” and it sure did!  I love the way it finished the quilt and I love the looser pattern on the binding.

Plus Quilt binding

Plus Quilt layers

The finished quilt is 62″ x 67″, a large throw that you can really curl up with.  I decided to make a matching pillow and thought it would be fun to make it a reversible pillow with one Plus print on one side and a different Plus print on the other side.  So that required a zipper instead of an envelope back and I decided to an invisible zipper.  A little bit more work, but definitely worth it.

Plus pillow zipper


This quilt is on its way to its new owner!

Hope you’re making something,

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27 thoughts on “Modern Plus Quilt

  1. Emilee

    Looks great! I have grey & mustard yellow in my living room & have been meaning to make a quilt, I may have to copy yours!! Your invisible zipper looks great too!


  2. Karen

    Just love your choice of fabrics and your limited use of colors (and I didn’t think I liked mustard. . . wrong). A beautiful quilt and pillow!


  3. Quilt Musings

    Gorgeous quilt and I love the fabrics. The simple quilting is perfect for the greys and mustards. I have a stack of fabrics that I love that I have been trying to find the right use for…this may be the way to go. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Jennifer @ Inquiring Quilter

    I’m not sure I would have thought of grey and mustard but wow what a color scheme! Love it. Perfect quilting that compliments the modern look. And you were right about the binding. I think a stripe would have called attention to itself too much. Your binding is so beautiful with the quilt.


  5. eamylove

    This quilt and pillow set is just awesome! I love every detail and am so glad you shared the info and fabulous photos…so inspiring!!!



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