Ombre Sunshine Quilt

Ombre Sunshine Quilt Front

Lately I’ve been writing about how  much I love Moda’s new fabric line called “Ombre”, designed by V and Co.  These fabrics are gradient solids which, when cut up, look like you’ve used multiple solids.  I really like using these fabrics and designed this quilt around two colors from this line – Honey and Graphite Grey – and I’m so pleased with the results.

Ombre Sunshine Quilt detail

I had this design in mind for a while – to do staggered Missouri star blocks.  I worked the design all out on graph paper and, because of all the varying negative space on this quilt, had to really do a lot of figuring and calculating – something I really like.  No two rows were alike.  There were some  miscuts and ripping out, though.  But that happens when you are not using a pattern!

One of the things I love best about this quilt is the grey gingham binding.  I have a nice stash of small size ginghams and  I think they make the sweetest bindings.

Ombre Sunshine Quilt Corners

Ombre Quilt Stacked

The background fabric is Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Solid in White.  Because of all the white in the background,  I used Warm and White batting, a pure white batting from the Warm and Natural company which doesn’t create a dull background behind bright white fabrics.  And it has the same feeling and low loft of regular Warm and Natural batting.

Ombre Sunshine Quilt with toy

Ombre Sunshine Quilt Hanging

For the background fabric, I used this adorable flannel backing in Organic Cotton from Cloud 9 fabrics.   The yellow and grey elephants were so cute and just matched the Ombre colors so well. The flannel is soft and makes such a nice backing for a child’s quilt.

Ombre Sunshine Quilt back

Ombre Sunshine Quilt layers

The stars were made up entirely of Half Square Triangles, which finished at 2″ after being sewn in.  This is what I used as my quilting guide, so the overall quilting grid is 2″.   I used 50 wt. White Aurifil thread and quilted at a stitch length of 3.5.  The quilting makes such a nice texture and drape.

The finished size of this quilt is 36″ x 52″ .  I love how it turned out and have listed it in the shop.

Thanks for popping in!

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45 thoughts on “Ombre Sunshine Quilt

  1. eamylove

    I love every shade and nuance of this quilt and am enjoying all the pretty photo shots! I agree that the gray gingham binding is a sweet finish! Awesome quilt!


  2. Ruth

    Fabulous! Would you consider doing a tutorial or pattern for this quilt? I would love to make it and not have to do all the calculations! Enjoy your blog.


      1. Amy

        Any pattern yet? I’d love to make a similar quilt for my grand baby coming in November 2017. Even if you could email me a picture of your notes, I could figure it out from there 😜


  3. Emilee

    So adorable! I love yellow and grey together, then add I stars and I am truly in LOVE, the the gingham binding and ombré effect! Wow! So pretty!!!


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  5. Kathleen

    Your work is just stunning. I haven’t made a quilt for about a year and now am inspired to get going again! Do you pre wash your fabrics? I don’t like to, but am wondering if the flannel back will shrink differently than the front.


    1. Beech Tree Lane Handmade Post author

      Kathleen: Thank you so much! I am a prewasher. I want my fabrics to go through the same wash cycle that they will have to do through when they are a quilt. If the fabric is going to shrink, fray, alter or bleed in any possible way, I want it to do it before it’s sewn into a quilt. So because of that, I prewash every single piece of fabric I buy. That is why I do not buy jelly rolls, charm packs, etc. They cannot be prewashed. There are definitely two schools of thought on prewashing and a lot of people do not prewash, but I just simply don’t want any surprises. And for most of my quilts, which are more “modern” types of styles, I do not want that antique look that comes with the fabric shrinking and puckering. In fact, I prewash my batting so it doesn’t shrink, just for that reason. Hope you get quilting again!


      1. Kathleen

        Do you have any advice on the best way to pre wash fabrics and batting? Your fabrics are beautiful and don’t have that gone-through-the-dryer look!


      2. Beech Tree Lane Handmade Post author

        Kathleen: I wash all my fabrics on cold, gentle cycle. Then I tumble dry on low – just like I would when I wash a finished quilt. Then I iron well. For the batting, I soak in the washer on cold water, spin dry and put in the dryer on delicate until dry. I can do this with Warm and Natural batting and it holds up great. You can’t really do this with Hobbs – it falls apart a bit. If you use Hobbs, you would have to soak in the washer or a tub or utility sink and then squeeze out the water and then dry. That’s why I use Warm and Natural batting. This process is really quick – it’s not a pain and it avoids the 3% shrinkage you would otherwise get when the quilt gets washed. For antique looking quilts, this fine, but I don’t like it with my more modern style quilts. Hope this helps!


  6. aquilterstable

    This is lovely! I really like your use of the ombre. Would it be ok if I included a photo from your post in my upcoming newsletter where I’m featuring star quilts? I’d link back to your post of course…. Thanks for considering.


  7. Kelly

    Hi Elaine, I love this quilt and would love to try making something similar. I was just wondering – did you cut out a whole bunch of 2.5inch squares and sew them up row by row, or did you make the star units first then fit strips and blocks around them? I’m leaning towards the second option, but either way it feels like there’s going to be a lot of calculations involved 😆


    1. Beech Tree Lane Handmade Post author

      Kelly: I made half square triangles, from which the stars were made. Then I cut larger blocks of the white background fabric for the rest of the row. I don’t have a pattern but I do have the graph paper from which I designed the quilt along with all my cutting notes. I’m going to send this to you in an email. Hope it helps!


      1. Cabrini Rudnick

        Would you being willing to share your graph on email with me too? I love love love this quilt!!



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