Make Eight Half Square Triangles at a Time With This Super Fast Method


This is Method #3 in my tutorials on how to make Half Square Triangles.  The first method makes 2 at a time, the second  method makes 4 at a time and this method makes 8 at a time.  It is for sure the fastest way to make HSTs.  And it’s super easy – 2 squares of fabrics, sew 4 seams, make 4 cuts and trim.  You can really crank them out with this method.  And there are no bias edges on these blocks.

You begin with cutting two squares of fabric the same size.  I cut them generously because I like to trim my finished HST to size, so they are perfect.  Here is a chart to give you the sizes.  I have included a cutting size you can use if you don’t want to cut them oversize.














17 thoughts on “Make Eight Half Square Triangles at a Time With This Super Fast Method

  1. dispack

    Also, would you mind giving directions for pressing hst after sewing them into blocks? Do you open the seams? Do you just press over seams? Do you press one way, but then at the other end press the other way having a little “twist”? I just don’t know what is best.


    1. Beech Tree Lane Handmade Post author

      Dispack: Don’t press the seams open, always press to one side. Sometimes the pressing will be determined by what pattern you are using the HSTs for. A lot of patterns will have pressing directions for that particular pattern. But always press over to just one side.


  2. Sara

    Genius! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m a novice machine quilter (using my 1950’s Singer Featherweight sewing machine :-] ) and wanted to try a half-triangle pattern, but the thought of cutting out hundreds of little triangles (not to mention the work to do before cutting), then sewing them all together kept me away from it. I saw your tutorial on cutting four HST at one time and sat right down to test it; oh the squeal of delight when I saw how easy and quick it is. Seriously, your tips are wonderful and I’m so glad I found your site.


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  6. Kim Doyle

    I am just finding your blog for the first time – wow. Can you tell me where I can buy that grid and cutting tool you are using? I want to try that arrow quilt and this method seems so perfect.



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