Storybook Vacation Baby Quilt

Storybook Vacation Quilt Folds

I have always loved the whole line of Windham’s Storybook Vacation fabrics – they are just the sweetest vintage looking fabrics.  I got to use them recently on a custom order baby quilt  along with some cute fabrics from Hawthorne Supply Co.

Storybook Vacation Quilt

Storybook Vacation Quilt stacked

The fabrics I used from Storybook Vacation were “Sailing Dogs in Blue” and “Blue Bubbles”.   The swiss dot fabric that was the “anchor” fabric on the checkerboard is “Essential Dots in Baby Blue” from Moda. I used a cute multicolor dot fabric from Hawthorne Supply Co. called “Multi Dot in Fair Isle Glacier”.  Did you know that Hawthorne has a whole line of fabrics they design in house that are printed digitally?   That means they can print them in a huge array of colors. It’s pretty awesome.  So the Multi Dot fabric comes in many colors.

Storybook Vacation Quilt Binding

I also got the binding fabric from Hawthorne  –  it is “Dress Stripe in Nectar”.  Again – this fabric is printed digitally and comes in tons of colors and makes a great binding fabric.  I love diagonal stripes for a baby binding, so I cut 2.5″ bias strips and sewed them together.  It takes a little more fabric to do this, but the effect is so cute.  Here is a tutorial on how to cut your own bias binding that is helpful if you like the diagonal stripes.

Storybook Vacation Quilt front and back

For the backing fabric I again selected a fabric from Hawthorne that I thought was so cute –  “Tossed Numbers in Robin’s Egg”.  It is from their “Back to School” line.  It’s a cute tumble of numbers and makes a great backing for a child’s quilt.

The quilt squares are 3″ finished.  I quilted a double set of lines on the quilt using 50# wt Aurifil thread in Natural White.  The batting is White Warm and Natural, which is great when you have white fabrics and you don’t want the batting to dull them down.

Storybook Vacation Quilt Folds II

When quilting, I switched to a #14 quilting needle and used my walking foot.  I talk about the importance of this in this post – it really makes a difference in preventing skipped stitches and puckers.

Storybook Vacation Quilt Detail

My customer also wanted a Reading Pillow, so here is a photo that.

Storybook Vacation Pillow

This quilt is sold.

Hope you’re making something – have a great week!


11 thoughts on “Storybook Vacation Baby Quilt

  1. Janice

    Thank you for all your tips on machine quilting! I really appreciate it. I also love it when you
    give information on the fabrics you used.


  2. Anita Bryde

    I absolutely love your work. Thanks for sharing your fabric selections too – it is just soooo disappointing when the fabric is no longer available. I just wish you made more quilts to share!!! I have made 6 of your quilts and everyone just loves them. I just started quilting 2.5 years ago so I am not overly experienced and I love the simplicity of the quilts. Sometimes less is better as in cooking! You are amazing.


    1. DIANE

      I would like the pattern. I notified you earlier asking if you thought I could get the other fabric than Storybook Vacation. Yes I found it on Hawthorn website. I am so excited. But I need to know the size of the quilt and how much do I need of each. I want to order it as soon as you give me the amount of each one. I will be doing this quilt six times. I have six grandsons from my three children No girls. Each of my children have two baby boys each. Thank you so much for all your information on the name and the manufacturer of the fabrics. Just need size and how much of each fabric for one quilt.
      Thank you so kindly!,,



    I love this quilt. I have the Storybook Vacation fabric but need the other fabric. Do you think that is possible? Do you have any substitute for any of the other fabric? You should make your own line of fabric, you are excellent in my option!!!



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