Hourglass Quilt in Mustard and Grey

HourglassMG binding

I have this color combo love right now that involves greys and mustards and I just had to make a quilt with these colors.  I’m picturing lots of variations on this theme in the future!  Combine that with my love of Half Square Triangles and you have this quilt.  I’ve been staying up way too late at night working on this.  We’ve also had some windy and rainy weather lately – courtesy of Hurricane Patricia – so it’s allowed me to ditch some of my Fall yard work in favor of sewing and finishing this quilt!

HourglassMG Stacked

I used a variety of favorite quilting fabrics for this, including the ever awesome Rainwalk Ripple by Anna Graham. I can’t get enough of that fabric.  It’s a canvas fabric, but sewed up nicely right alongside the quilting cottons.  I also used a couple I pulled from the beautiful Magnolia line by Alisse Courter.  And, since I always love a little text fabric sneaked in, I used a little bit of Robert Kaufman Scribble Notes in White. This makes me very happy.

Hourglass MG Quilt two shot

The solid color is Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Ash – such a great neutral and my favorite solid. And the binding is Squared Elements in Shadow.

HourglassMG Roll

I did simple straight quilting, at 3.5 stitches/inch, which I really like and went well with the lines of the blocks.  Each block was trimmed to 5 inches square.

HourglassMG on chairHourglassMG closeup

I used Warm & Plush cotton batting, which I washed and dried before using, even though it has no scrim.  I live dangerously.   It worked out.

My favorite part of the quilt is doing the mitered binding at the end.

The finished size of this quilt is 44″ x 54″, a very nice lap size quilt to snuggle with, just big enough for two.

HourglassMG blocksHourglassMG Hanging

14 thoughts on “Hourglass Quilt in Mustard and Grey

  1. Karen Thomas

    I am a quilter and love your hour glass mustard and grey quilt. Do you sell the pattern or did you design? Please let me know?


    1. Beech Tree Lane Handmade Post author

      Karen: No, I didn’t write a pattern but if you look at the blog post, I do tell you what size Hourglass Blocks I made and then you can see from the picture how many blocks it took and the finished size is also listed. It’s really simple! Hope this helps.


  2. Gena

    It’s 2018 and I see this was published in 2015 and there is no pattern. Is there any place I could obtain this pattern ?


  3. Lynda

    I used your pattern to make a quilt that I love. I had never done quarter square triangles before and they were easy. Thank you for the inspiration. I would post a photo but I don’t know how!


  4. Debby Gorlick

    I love this quilt and am now making my 3rd of 4 of them – all low volume baby quilts. You mentioned that you used Kona Ash for the hourglass blocks. Do you know the name of the other fabric in the hourglass blocks with the squiggles?


    1. Beech Tree Lane Handmade Post author

      Debby: That fabric was “Kanvas Green Farms Scribble Stripe White/Gray” but it is no longer available. Sometimes you can find someone who is selling out of print fabrics on Etsy. I’ve had luck there. Glad you like the quilt!


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