Dotted Flying Geese Quilt



I always had a vision for this quilt – using only dotted fabrics of all sizes and only in black and white.  I used great big dots and pin dots and everything in between.  It made a very modern, bold quilt. Normally, I don’t like to make flying geese blocks because there’s so much wasted fabric but in a future post, I’m going to show you how to make them using a no-waste method. 


I thought about putting these flying geese on a white background but it seemed a little too stark.  I then pulled out one of my all time favorite fabrics from Zen Chic – Ink Modern Background in Grey.  I paired this with Robert Kaufman Kona Solid in Silver and randomly made all the backgrounds in the blocks from these two fabrics.



The flying geese themselves were made of many different dotted fabrics from my stash.  I wasn’t able to identify every single dotted fabric but here are some that I know and are a favorite, in case you are wondering what some of them are:  Jumbo Dots by Loralie Harris – if you don’t know her line of dotted fabrics, check them out!  So very fun and inspirational.  Another dotted fabric I really love is Hello Bear Firefly in Whisper, an Art Gallery Fabric.



The finished quilt is  55″ x 61′.  Each flying geese block was 3″ x 6″.  I made 180 blocks.  I made them using Bloc Loc rulers, which I’m going to write about in a future post.  This method made these blocks very easy to make and very accurate.



For the backing fabric, I wanted to keep the dot theme going so I chose a fabric from Robert Kaufman’s Spot On collection in Steel.  It’s  a 108″ wide fabric, perfect for a quilt backing. It was the perfect color and complement to the front, I thought.

For the batting, I did something very different.  For this quilt, I pictured a heavy, warmer quilt than just the regular layer of cotton batting.  But I didn’t want a tied quilt.  So I took a chance and used two layers of batting and machine quilted it.  It worked great!  And I ended up with a nice, heavy, more substantial quilt.  Very warm. I used two layers of The Warm Company’s “Warm Bond” quilt batting.  It’s an 80/20 batting, which they are actually discontinuing.  But I heard from The Warm Company and they say they are working on a new 80/20 batting, which should be available this November.

I ditch stitched the whole quilt because I just couldn’t picture a good quilting pattern that would look right on the flying geese.  I used a light gray Aurifil 50 wt thread on the top and a darker gray in the bottom, to match the backing fabric.



For the binding, I just had to give the quilt a little pop of color with all that grey, white and black.  And the binding had to be a solid – no stripes or patterns.  There is just way too much going on with the quilt itself.  But which color?  After trying several possibilities, I ended up with the Kona Cotton Solid in Caramel.  I just love how it looks on the quilt.



I’ll be putting this quilt in the Shop.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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37 thoughts on “Dotted Flying Geese Quilt

  1. Ruth

    So many fabulous points to this quilt! I really like your style. I swear by the bloc-lock rulers too. Looking forward to your next creation. Thanks for posting.


  2. Cindy Turner

    I always look forward to seeing your quilts progress and finished work. You have such a good eye for color and design. This is a really cool and unique quilt!


  3. Carol Locke

    Beautiful, beautiful quilt!! Love the black and grey! Well, I love it all and hope to make one after I quilt the 3 tops I now have awaiting my quilting!! Thanks for sharing!. Once again,


  4. Nann

    What a wonderful way to use a themed fabric collection. (Well, I count black & white dots as a theme!) I agree that four-at-a-time flying geese are the way to go. Before I embraced that method I generated lots and lots of cutaway triangles. Some of them became bonus HSTs but lots of them just got pitched.


  5. Lorna McMahon

    Perfection! The Kona Silver and Ink Modern Background were the perfect choices to pair up with all those fun dotty prints. And the Caramel binding is Sew-Weeeet! Beautiful finish!


  6. Maria Bill

    Elaine, it was good seeing you at Paul’s wedding and sharing thoughts about sewing and quilts. I love, love, love your quilting blog. The quilts have great color combinations and design elements and your photography of them is awesome! I really enjoyed meeting up with you and finding out that we share common interests – especially the love of fabric 🙂


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