Classic Checkerboard PDF Quilt Pattern

Checkerboard Quilt Pattern PDF Cover Page


Good news!  My Classic Checkerboard Quilt is now available in a PDF pattern.  Hop on over to the shop to check it out!  Learn how to make a classic checkerboard quilt with an easy strip sewing method.

Thank you for all your requests for patterns to my quilts.  Your support is appreciated!


3 thoughts on “Classic Checkerboard PDF Quilt Pattern

  1. Sharon Werner


    I got the email about your Checkerboard PDF quilt pattern and am getting ready to order it. But before I do I’d like to know if you have a pattern for your Safari Baby Quilt? I want to order that pattern also if you have one. I absolutely love everything about that gorgeous quilt and would love to make one.

    Do you sell the fabrics or do you know if they are still available?

    Your work is always beautiful!




    1. Beech Tree Lane Handmade Post author

      Sharon: Sorry, I have not written a pattern to the safari quilt! I do have links in the post to where you can buy the fabrics. I don’t know if they are still available but I bet you can find them on Etsy. Although there is no pattern, I believe you can make this quilt from my notes in the post about how I cut the fabric and the measurements. Hope this helps!



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